METEVA S.A. is a design and consulting engineering company that was founded in year 2000 as a continuation of the firm "E. Vassiliou & Associates", aiming to create a partnership which would combine the experience and the scientific background of the founding members and the zeal of the younger associates.

The firm "E. Vasileou & Associates" was founded in 1973 by Mr. E. Vassiliou, Civil and Surveying Engineer of the University of Athens, with an extensive experience in Public Design Works since 1961.

The following factors are able to guarantee the high standard of performance:
- Highly experienced associate Engineers
- Efficient organization
- Excellent office and ground equipment.

Every design project proceeds in predefined tasks which fall under the responsibility of the engineer in charge. Mr. E. Vassiliou, Civil and Surveying Engineer, has the general coordination and supervision.

It should be pointed out that the company conducts a high quality control. Experience has proven that design projects that were initially considered as complete present problems at their implementation, which is due to insufficient quality control during the design stages.

Human resources

The scientific and ancillary staff consists of senior engineers, engineers and technical staff..

2 Thetidos Str. - Gerakas - Attica - P.O. 15344 - TEL. 2108239053 - FAX 2108834168 e-mail: email@meteva.gr - www.meteva.gr